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About that San Francisco ‘partnership’ for a Santa Clara Super Bowl

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There’s a kerfuffle already over whether the 2016 Super Bowl might be branded with “San Francisco” as opposed to Santa Clara or Silicon Valley. The 49ers’ new Santa Clara stadium won’t be ready until 2014 at the earliest and there’s no guarantee that the 49ers will even host the 2016 Super Bowl, the idea being floated. But the Merc’s Mark Purdy says Santa Clara boosters are in a bit of a snit over the team’s alleged partnering with San Francisco in a bid to bring Super Bowl 50 to . . . well, Santa Clara.

Add: The San Francisco partnership thing may not mean much. Its chief aim seems to have been to help the 49ers extricate themselves early from their lease at Candlestick, while helping Mayor Ed Lee save a little face for having the team decide to flee town on his watch. Purdy says the San Francisco deal is now being portrayed, in the South Bay at least, as a “joint partnership, not an exclusive partnership.”
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