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As legacies go, did Mayor Lee just drop the bar to the ground?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ed Lee, San Francisco MayorMay want to file this one under Mayors Say the Darndest Things: Ed Lee calls his ongoing role in helping facilitate the Warriors move across the bay “my legacy project.” As in, you know, the achievement he most hopes San Franciscans will remember about his time in office. That’s according to a front page thumbsucker published in the Chronicle over the holiday weekend. Among the naysayers given some ink toward the bottom of the piece was former supervisor and retired San Mateo County judge Quentin Kopp:
“I laughed when I read that. That’s the ultimate politician—so full of himself.”
Noted: As a mayoral legacy, it's at least better than being the guy who waved goodbye to the 49ers.
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