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Bad word-of-mouth for a laundry in the Haight

Friday, May 4, 2012

Andrew Dudley at Haighteration doesn’t think highly of Oak and Scott Laundry. He’s had some problems there and, with enough hyperbole to make Keith Olbermann proud, refers to it as “not just the world’s worst laundromat, but quite possibly the worst place, anywhere in the world, ever.” Which elicits this reader comment:
I am reminded of the night some 20 years ago when a couple of friends and I were frying on LSD and walked by the place....The first (and only) thing that caught our eye was the amount of seemingly fresh blood splatters and stains all over the floor and walls, including a  drippy bloody handprint on the back wall, about 6 feet up.....very un-nerving and still can't get it out of my head.  Never did hear what happened in there to cause such a mess.
Image: Andrew Dudley/Haighteration
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