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Bay Citizen, CIR merger official; changes to be gradual

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Center for Investigative Reporting executive director Robert J. Rosenthal posts that the merger of CIR with The Bay Citizen is official as of today (read the news release) and says changes in the The Bay Citizen website will be made soon to reflect its new role as one of CIR’s three brands. But nothing new yet:
It is not going to happen overnight. Our work and relationships will evolve and grow in the coming days, weeks and months.
Add: In the run-up to the merger, a lot of staff-produced reporting has already vanished from The Bay Citizen, which has been increasingly reliant on wire content from Bay City News Service.

Noted: Although it’s May 1, The Bay Citizen still has a March 22 piece from “featured columnist” Scott James on its front page. (James isn’t on any staff list that I see.)
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