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Chronicle outdoes CoCo Times in recycling stale blog items

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Chronicle’s Sunday local news section contained a recycled item from its Crime Scene imageblog from six days earlier about something that happened two days before that, on March 12. (A ditty about the Petaluma dad busted for driving 104 mph to get his kids to a soccer game.) Sunday, of course, was March 20. That’s considerably more stale than today’s Contra Costa Times section front oldie-but-goodie—a retread item from its Political Blotter blog posted March 16.

Add: Both newspapers (or in the CoCo Times’ case, an edition of the Mercury News) struggle to fill their local news sections with local news, considering their stripped-bare staffs. After all, they can’t very well get away with stuffing national wire copy in there, at least not yet, anyway.
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