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Daniel Clowes talks about his art and Oakland

Monday, May 7, 2012

Clowes is the author of Wilson and Mister Wonderful: A Love Story.Author, screenwriter and cartoonist of alternative comics Daniel Clowes, who lives in Oakland, got plenty of love today on NPR’s Morning Edition. The hook: his current exhibition of comic book art at the Oakland Museum of California. (Listen to the piece.) But as KQED’s Jon Brooks blogs, among the things Clowes had to say that didn’t make it on-air was some nice stuff about Oakland. Here’s an excerpt from the cutting room floor, sent to Brooks by NPR’s Laura Sydell:
Sydell: This town you sort of ended up in. Do you like Oakland?
Clowes: I love Oakland. I feel very comfortable here. I feel like it's sort of a decent bunch of people. You feel like the default person you might meet is like a vegan who rides a unicycle.
Image: Drawn and Quarterly
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