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De Young, Legion of Honor contract talks linger—but not without noise

Monday, May 21, 2012

Contract talks between management and museum workers at the De Young and Legion of Honor have dragged on since last September, but they may be heating up a bit if Friday’s friendly demonstration by workers represented by SEIU Local 1021 is an indication. Among other things, workers are being asked to contribute up to 30 percent of their health care costs and take what they say amounts to pay reductions at a time when the non-profit museums are, from all appearances, prospering.

Add: The union effort got a shout-out over the weekend from tech journalist and Silicon Valley Watcher blogger Tom Foremski, who calls out museum trustee Bernard Osher for “trying to make a name for himself” by hardball negotiating tactics:
Squabbling with your own staff over what are essentially basic elements of human decency -- is not how a world class institution such as the 120 year old de Young, should be behaving.

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