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Ex-cop’s book throws another log on the Zodiac case

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

imageRemember ex-CHP officer Lyndon Lafferty’s book that was about to be published in 2010 and his advance claim that the Zodiac Killer was alive and living in Solano County? As is always the case with never-caught serial murderers, there was a lot of media attention. Well, the book, provocatively titled, “The Zodiac Killer Cover-Up,” is finally out and it’s fresh meat for the conspiracy theory barbie.

Add: No one was ever charged in the Bay Area murders. The chief person of interest, Arthur Leigh Allen, died in 1992. Lafferty asserts that he knows who the real killer is (he doesn’t name him), that he’s in his 90s, and that key law enforcement figures conspired to protect him because, among other things, the man was having an affair with a judge’s wife.
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