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Examiner’s Todd Vogt casts eyes beyond the Bay Guardian

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Examiner’s new boss, Todd Vogt, who with his deep-pocketed Canadian partners is of that rare breed actually looking to buy newspapers, is already plotting beyond the soon-to-close acquisition of the Bay Guardian. A piece in the (pay-walled) Wall Street Journal’s Bay Area pages today says that Vogt et al already have approached MediaNews Group inquiring about buying one or more of its plentiful but resource-starved Bay Area newspapers, to no avail. The plainspoken Vogt tells the WSJ that he isn’t impressed with the quality of Bay Area papers. An excerpt:
Mr. Vogt punctuates his acquisition zeal with heavy criticism of other Bay Area newspaper owners for what he says is poor local news coverage and strategic missteps. “It’s a shame that such a vibrant metropolitan market has such terrible newspapers,” he says.
Image: Examiner
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