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NPR: New scrutiny over some of its commentaries

Friday, May 18, 2012

More fallout from storyteller Mike Daisey’s fabrications that led This American Life in March to retract one of its episodes: This week, the Washington Post revealed that the work of humorist and frequent NPR and This American Life contributor David Sedaris (pictured) is “undergoing new scrutiny” as to whether some of his stories are entirely true.

Add: And today comes yet another bolt: The Chicago Reader’s Michael Miner writes that his late brother-in-law John McIlwraith, an NPR commentator (and, like Sedaris, another marvelous storyteller) for more than a decade before his death in 2006, didn’t necessarily let facts get in the way of a good yarn. Miner quotes his sister and McIlwraith’s widow, Dixie, as saying:
"I cannot fault NPR. His editor at the time was Margaret Low Smith (now a vp) and she was interested only in time constraints and the quality of the writing. She did occasionally suggest that she assumed all these commentaries were accurate but she, very wisely, never pushed it."

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