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A’s and Giants games on consecutive days: a Texas couple’s impressions

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

“Mrs. Argyle and I spent the last five days in the SF Bay Area” begins the entry from a Texas man identified as ArgyleEagle on a web discussion board devoted to train aficionados. They took BART to the Coliseum last Thursday to see their Rangers play the A’s and afterward caught Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks at Yoshi’s. An excerpt:
Not to rag on Oak too much, but as one who has been to most of the parks in the Big Leagues, this has to be the worst stadium in all of MLB baseball, and probably one of the least attended. And there was a decent Ranger fan turnout to which the Oak fans were rather mean spirited to (even though the A's won out).
They were at AT&T Park the next day to take in the Rangers-Giants game. Their observations after the jump:
“The following day (Friday) we attended the Rangers-Giants game at AT&T Park. Contrary to Oakland, the SF Giant stadium is a real treat. The game was a sellout with almost everyone in orange and blank attire, and though we though were severely outnumbered and the Rangers gloriously skunked the SF team, the Giants fans were very decent to us deck-out in red and blue Texas Ranger fans. Staying at the Westin St Francis hotel off Market Street, we took a PCC car (photo attached) to the Ferry Bldg then walked to the stadium. Dreading the walk home and figuring the Muni train would be crowded, we nonetheless exited the stadium after the game and to our wonder saw a string of Muni trains lined up so waited maybe 10 minutes then took the Muni train back to the Market St stop close to the hotel.”
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