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At Muni, behind scenes hand-wringing over Central Subway’s prospects

Friday, June 15, 2012

Internal emails turned over to The Bay Citizen suggest there’s more behind-the-scenes worry at Muni about whether the feds will cough up the nearly $1 billion needed to pay for the controversial Central Subway project than Mayor Ed Lee and others let on. The emails, obtained by Save Muni, which opposes the 1.7-mile subway line to connect Chinatown to Mission Bay, show officials wringing their hands over whether funds will be approved soon enough to avoid delays that could cause costs to skyrocket, TBC’s Zusha Elinson says.

Add: At least one email suggests SFMTA officials took pains to stack the audience with supporters during a May meeting at which the idea was floated to issue bonds if necessary to move the project along if the feds don’t come through by Sept. 1.

Image: CBS 5

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