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Chron asks for Gavin Newsom’s calendar; they’re working on it

Friday, June 8, 2012

This should be fun. Chronicle editorial page editor John Diaz has put in a request for Gavin Newsom’s appointments calendar for the past three months. That’s after the lieutenant governor’s letter to the editor June 1 explaining that his rare appearances in Sacramento are so that he can travel the state and “learn firsthand from California’s doers, dreamers, job creators and problem solvers.”

Add: The Lite Gov’s office is promising to fulfill the public records request by June 29, but with a laundry list of exemptions that make it sound as though Diaz shouldn’t expect a whole heck of a lot. You can read Newsom chief of staff Chris Garland’s letter. There’s an excerpt after the jump:

The Lieutenant Governor’s official calendar is not maintained in a traditional appointment book or calendar.  Instead, daily schedules are prepared in a computer database that is subject to constant revision.  Like many people’s calendars, the Lieutenant Governor’s calendar is not always an accurate record of what the Lieutenant Governor has done, or with whom he has met.  Typically, only meetings and other matters scheduled in advance are reflected on the calendar.  The calendar may or may not be corrected after the fact if a scheduled meeting does not take place.  And because much of the Lieutenant Governor’s daily work does not involve scheduled meetings, some of the Lieutenant Governor’s activities and meetings do not appear on the calendar.

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