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Chronicle finds drama behind a Warriors press conference

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Chronicle got carried away yesterday in the first of a three-parter on the Warriors leading up to Thursday’s NBA draft. Lots of hyperventilated description of the newspaper’s exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Warriors brass . . . before their happy-talk May 22 arena announcement. Think Woodward and Bernstein slipping around to meet Deep Throat during Watergate. Only these were NBA owners softening up the local newspaper in hopes of favorable press. Boy, did they ever succeed. An excerpt:

The Chronicle knew the details of the proposed arena the day before the plans were released to the public. Plans for an exclusive meeting with team brass, city leaders and Chronicle staffers took shape in the early hours of May 21.

Clandestine particulars had to be arranged, because the Bay Area basketball news corps was at the practice facility observing the team's first draft-prospect workout.

The editors and writers attending the covert meeting were told to come through the parking garage, where a team attendant met them and brought them into the facility through a back door.

Image: Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob at the big event

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