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Crybaby of the week: Tim Lincecum’s dad

Monday, June 25, 2012

If not for his stellar past body of work, Giants (former) ace Tim Lincecum would likely already be out of the starting rotation by now, if not back in the minors. But as if his struggles weren’t bad enough, his dad, Chris Lincecum, gets on the phone to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale from Seattle just before his son’s first non-loss start in 10 outings (Lincecum pitched 6 innings of the Giants’ 5-4 Friday win) and tears into the media for his son’s pitching woes. An excerpt:

"You keep saying (expletive) like this, and he'll want to go away. This is the face of the franchise … and now that he's struggling, as all players do at some point, this is the (bleep) respect he gets? You're crucifying him.

"It's like the media is hoping he fails so they'll have something to write about. If they're trying to get him to leave that city, they're (bleeping) on their way."

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