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Gavin Newsom forks over his work calendar; Chronicle rubs it in

Thursday, June 14, 2012

After the Lite Gov’s “it’s-just-so-dull” remarks about Sacramento, and his off-hand comment on the set of his cable TV show that he spent “one day a week, tops” there, the Chronicle asked for his work calendar. Tuesday afternoon Newsom emailed copies of his calendar for the last three months to the newspaper. As it turns out, the notion that he spends even one day a week in Sacto is a bit of an exaggeration. From the Chron:

Newsom spent a total of eight days in the capital city. He spent as many days in China (on a trade mission as part of his role in promoting economic development), nearly as many days on vacation (five) and five times as many days working in the Bay Area during that period.

Add: The Chron editorial also pokes at Newsom’s I’m-out-in-all-parts-of-the-state-learning-from-the-people mantra: “There were no trips listed to the North Coast, none to the Inland Empire, none to mountain or desert towns, and none to Fresno or Bakersfield or any other distressed community of the Central Valley. He made three trips to Washington, D.C.”

Image: Newsom in Sacramento, for his swearing in

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