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In Moraga, a school sex scandal cover-up spills over to the country club

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bizarre fallout from revelations that a retiring Moraga elementary school principal failed to report sex abuse at the town’s middle school in the 1990s while he was principal there and while a couple of pedophiles on the faculty ran amok. One teacher killed himself before he could be prosecuted; the other, Julie Correa, is in prison after pleading no contest last year to raping a former student. That student, Kristen Cunnane, is now Cal’s assistant women’s swim coach. She courageously came forward to help put Correa behind bars.

Add: Principal Bill Walters (that's him, pictured) has since moved on to the elementary school. He announced he’s retiring after the Contra Costa Times uncovered records showing he failed to report sex abuse complaints at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School as required by law. The K-8 school district superintendent has caught flak for not firing Walters and the school board has done its best to sweep the story under the rug. Walters’ last day on the job, after 45 years, is tomorrow.

More: Enter the Moraga Country Club, where Cunnane learned to swim as a child and where she was scheduled to conduct a swim clinic for kids this summer. (She was just named the NCAA’s women’s swimming Assistant Coach of the Year, by the way.) In an apparent show of sympathy for—that’s right—Walters, the country club’s board of directors has pulled the plug on the clinic and banned Cunnane from speaking there, the CoCo Times Matthias Gafni says. So far, the club's brass isn't responding to press calls.
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