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Moraga Country Club reverses ban against Cal coach, sex abuse survivor

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kristen CunnaneScore one for public outrage. Moraga Country Club has reversed itself and now says Cal’s women’s assistant swim coach Kristen Cunnane is welcome to teach a summer swim clinic at the club. Astonishingly, it had pulled the plug on the clinic and banned Cunnane from speaking there this week in apparent sympathy for a retiring local principal who has taken heat for failing to report sex abuse at the town’s middle school in the 1990s. Cunnane courageously came forward last year and helped put a former teacher at the school, Julie Correa, behind bars for rape.

Add: The Contra Costa Times published a story this morning about the country club’s extraordinary action. By this afternoon, after acknowledging an outpouring of public anger, country club president Tom Engberg issued an apology.

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