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From a happy diner at foie gras HQ—the Presidio

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The AP’s Fenit Nirappil captures the essence of a happy foie gras eater at the Presidio Social Club, where the otherwise banned dish is still very much available owing to the fact it’s on federal land, outside the purview of state law. The quote is from Karlene Bley, visiting from Los Angeles, who dined there yesterday:

"I've been waiting three weeks for this," she said, as a waiter wearing a red tie and blue striped apron presented the forbidden pate on a wooden plank. She smeared some of the foie gras on bread and took a bite.

"Fabulous," she pronounced. "Absolutely fabulous. It's creamy, it's lovely. It's liver, so of course it's very good for you."

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