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Hounded from all quarters, Mayor Lee retreats from stop-and-frisk

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mayor Ed Lee has caught nothing but incoming artillery fire since telling the Chronicle editorial board that he’s willing to consider a “stop-and-frisk” policy to combat street crime similar to one in Philadelphia. And today, even as protesters gathered outside City Hall, he issued a statement that has the look and feel of a white flag.

The mayor says he won’t put forward a plan that would violate constitutional rights but that he’s “willing to move forward with bold ideas that get to results,” whatever that means.

The mayor’s statement:
The month of June in San Francisco experienced a spike in shootings and homicides in our Southeast neighborhoods. This is unacceptable and while I take this issue extremely seriously, I want to be clear that I have not considered implementing a policy in San Francisco that would violate anyone’s constitutional rights or that would result in racial profiling. I have stated that I am willing to look at what other cities are doing to reduce gun violence, including cities like New York and Philadelphia that both have stop and frisk programs.
I have been meeting with community leaders, have attended services to meet with congregants and have met with law enforcement about this issue. We share grave concerns about gun violence and its disproportionate impact on communities of color and youth in San Francisco. We need to do more.
Public safety can only be achieved through collaboration and partnership between law enforcement and the communities we all serve. Community policing and community development efforts have important roles to play in the prevention of violence, and I will continue to meet with community leaders and faith based organizations to advance these priorities.
I want to be very clear. As a former human rights director and civil rights attorney, I hold the individual protections afforded to us all under the 4th Amendment as sacrosanct. As we continue our discussions to reduce violence and get guns out of our communities, I will not support, nor will I put forward any proposal that will violate any such protections, but I am willing to move forward with bold ideas that get to results.
I will continue to work with the community to end gun violence in San Francisco.
Image: The Bay Citizen
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