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Isn’t that ducky? Foie gras producers sue over ban

Thursday, July 5, 2012

imagesqtbnANd9GcRcKUdsyzoZ0IZQBd5clThe first-of-its-kind ban of the duck liver specialty took effect Sunday and as it turns out it took the country’s largest producers of foie gras barely 24 hours to challenge it in court.

Keeping in mind that foie gras is made from geese and ducks force-fed through a pipe to cause their livers to swell, this excerpt from the lawsuit as reported by the LA Times will be wince-inducing to animal rights advocates:
"The Bird Feeding Law does not provide any intelligible measure -- such as weight, volume, or caloric value -- by which those involved in the feeding of the ducks ... may determine at what point a duck has been fed 'more food' than the statute allows.
Meanwhile, the Orange County Register reports that some chefs are testing the new law and that, post-ban, one San Clemente restaurant has put it on the menu as “Foie You!”
Image: Christine Cotter/ Orange County Register
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