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Let’s hear it for poor down-trodden Lew Wolff

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For those who see the A’s co-owner as victim rather than villain in the A’s Oakland story line, the Mercury News has a must-read piece for you. In it, poor trapped-in-Oakland Lew is so desperate to attract fans to the decrepit excuse for a ballpark that’s the Coliseum that he resorts to selling seats in his luxury box “to make a few extra fans happy” because “it’s the only one big enough” to accommodate a group who came to see the red-hot A’s play the Rangers last week.

What, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was in town?

The A’s front-man may have done everything imaginable to poison his own well in Oakland but the Merc quotes him this way as he peers over a crowd of 15,115:
"It's sad," he said, surveying the crowd. Then he turned his attention to the diamond, where the Rangers were taking infield practice. "Let's watch the expensive team warm up."

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