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Warriors arena: ‘mother ship’ from Close Encounters?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

After getting more details about the arena being proposed by the Warriors for the Embarcadero,  three neighborhood associations are the South Beach-Rincon-Mission Bay Neighborhood Association is having second thoughts about the franchise’s earlier aerial portrayals of the building. In a nutshell, it's saying the arena would look a lot bigger from ground level than the way it’s been depicted so far.

From the Chronicle’s City Insider:
Experts say the Warriors’ planned 125-foot height is likely a minimum and not a maximum; after all, the Staples Center in Los Angeles is 150 feet tall.
Even the 125-foot height would be just 18 feet shorter than the bottom of the lower deck of the Bay Bridge as it stretches out from the city over the bay.
South Beach resident Lawrence Stokus who lives across the street from the Pier 30-32 site and who’s probably been quoted more than anyone so far among opponents offers up this one-liner:
“It will look like the mother ship in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

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