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College of San Mateo: How to kill a student newspaper

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Video screenshotToo bad academic homicide isn’t a crime. College of San Mateo’s muckraking student newspaper, The San Matean, apparently got under the skin of the college’s administrators one-too-many times. So they figured a way to snuff it out—by canceling the journalism classes that support it. The San Francisco Peninsula Press Club, which has been following the story, says administrators apparently felt the newspaper, first published in 1928, “didn’t present a positive image” of the college district. (That’s in contrast, mind you, to thin-skinned administrators allowing a venerable student newspaper to die by their own hands.)

Ed Remitz, the one-time Sacramento Union reporter who taught at the college for 23 years and was The San Matean’s faculty advisor, announced his retirement last Friday. That’s after finding out that four of the five journalism classes he was supposed to teach this fall had been canceled.
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