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Fallout from NYT piece: Mayor Quan walks back her remarks about OPD

Friday, August 3, 2012

There’s lots to digest in that New York Times Magazine piece about Oakland posted Wednesday and at least part of it isn’t going down easily with Oakland police. The Oakland Tribune picks up the fallout from Mayor Jean Quan’s loosely-worded suggestion to the NYT that the cops’ mishandling of the Oct. 25 eviction of Occupy protesters downtown while she was out of town might somehow have been done to make her look bad. In the NYT piece, Quan says OPD “had tried to set me up before” by booting her car over unpaid traffic tickets.

The mayor is now walking back those remarks, telling the Trib’s Matthew Artz, “I was just talking about what people were saying, not what I believe.”

Some at OPD aren’t amused. Police union president Barry Donelan tells the Trib: “My members are too busy out there trying to protect the citizens to be engaging in the behavior that she’s suggesting.”

As for the mayor’s car being booted and her being cited for more than $1,000 worth of unpaid parking tickets (which she thereafter promptly paid), that was the work of meter maids, not sworn officers, Donelan says, adding:

“We had nothing to do with that.”

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