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Fareed Zakaria returns to CNN, with an apology

Monday, August 27, 2012

For those who wondered how the CNN host, suspended for plagiarizing a New Yorker essay in his Time magazine column, would handle his first day back on air yesterday, the answer is this statement (after the jump), which he read near the top of the show. The asterisk and footnote is from Poynter, which has the transcript:

A final personal note. As some of you know, two weeks ago, I wrote a column in Time Magazine and neglected to quote a New Yorker essay by Jill Lepore that I drew closely from.

I was not trying to pass the work off as my own. I prominently cited the book, “Gun Fight” by Adam Winkler that contained all the historical data that both Lepore and I wrote about it, but I absolutely should have quote[d] or cited the New Yorker essay as well.

It was a mistake, but an honest one and I apologized. Time and CNN conducted exhaustive investigations looking at over 50 pages of research for that column as well as years of my commentary and found nothing to merit further action.

Time said it was entirely satisfied that this was an intentional* and isolated error. For my part, I just want to say again how sorry I am and let’s get started.

*This is how the transcript reads. Did he say or mean unintentional?

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