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Funding for the arts? No problem with ‘Girls Gone Musical’

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coming soon (as in Sept. 1) to San Francisco’s Eureka Theatre: “Girls Gone Musical,” an “original parody” of the “Girls Gone Wild” ‘90s boobs-and-beer videos with a press blurb to make Joe Francis proud:
“South of the border, the girls encounter breathtaking Mayan ruins, the evil after-burn of cheap tequila, and a sketchy camera crew that’s looking for the next big things. Er, thing. Will the girls remain nice or be tempted into naughtier territory? Cancun comes to SF in this funny & sexy tribute to the heyday of the early 90’s!”
And for all you starving playwrights out there, it raised $5,451 on Kickstarter, blowing past its $5,000 goal.
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