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Judge orders Google, Oracle to disclose journos, bloggers they ‘paid’

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here’s something of a bombshell that will undoubtedly rattle the cages of fake journalists everywhere. The judge in the Oracle vs. Google trial today issued an order requiring each company to reveal “all authors, journalists, commentators or bloggers” who’ve reported or otherwise commented on the case that either company paid.

Google and Oracle have until Aug. 17 to disclose. That means that any “journo” caught in the net also has until then to prepare for public humiliation.

Oracle didn’t succeed in pressing its case that Google violated patents it inherited from its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. And Larry Ellison’s company has been ordered to pay Google’s legal fees. But IT World’s Brian Proffitt posits that Judge William Alsup’s order sets the tone for appeals that are to come. PaidContent has posted the judge’s order.

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