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Landlord to Tosca Café owner Jeannette Etheridge: ‘Pay the rent’

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Tosca Café rent dispute story figures to play out like a long night of drinks in the back room, especially now that the landlord yesterday served a 30-day eviction notice. Latest round, via the Chronicle’s C. W. Nevius: there’s more to eccentric and well-friended owner Jeannette Etheridge’s troubles than the $500 extra a month she says Roger Forbes wants to squeeze from her.

Seems Etheridge started subtracting $1,000 a month from her month-to-month lease payments about 10 years ago “when the economy crashed” and is maybe $100,000 in arrears.

Golden quotes from landlord and multiple strip club owner Forbes:

"What I would like to do is sell it to somebody who would run it like a business and not a place for Jeanette Etheredge to sit at the bar and hold court with her famous friends."


"I love characters too," Forbes said. "But pay the rent."

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