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Morning Wrap: 8/3/12

Friday, August 3, 2012

Oakland police chief calls for citywide youth curfew to combat crime, Mexican Museum caught in development crossfire, how Facebook’s tanking share price could poke a hole in the state budget, more.

  • Oakland police chief Howard Jordan announced he’ll push for a citywide curfew ordinance, citing a lack of “parental controls” and a pervasive problem with teens and young children hanging out late at night on the streets. Chronicle
  • Residents of pricey condominiums atop the Four Seasons Hotel at 765 Market Street are complaining bitterly about plans for a nearby 47-story tower, part of which is to house the long-anticipated new home of the Mexican Museum. Chronicle
  • An Oakland ecstasy dealer was sentenced to seven years in prison. Contra Costa Times
  • Facebook’s tanking share price could poke a hole in California’s budget if the price doesn’t recover by the end of the year, the state’s legislative analyst says. Chronicle
  • The California Nurses Association endorsed Gov. Jerry Brown’s November tax-hike ballot measure and donated $1 million to the cause. Mercury News
  • Lawrence Livermore National Lab faces the challenge of replacing two key leaders after the death of one high-ranking official and the unannounced departure of another. Contra Costa Times

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