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Oakland’s Deanna Santana says court appointee made a pass at her

Friday, August 24, 2012

How’s this for a kooky turn in a years-long story? Oakland city administrator and married mother of two Deanna Santana (shown here with Police Chief Howard Jordan) has alleged that the court-appointed federal monitor evaluating the Oakland Police Department, Robert Warshaw, tried to hit on her. The Chronicle’s Matier & Ross broke the story Tuesday. The Oakland Tribune followed.

How it spins, nobody knows.  But it’s worth mentioning if for no other reason than East Bay Express co-editor Robert Gammon’s masterful summary of the reporting provenance:

A recap: the Chronicle, quoting anonymous sources, was the first to report that Santana had made the explosive allegations against Warshaw. The Tribune, also citing anonymous sources, then confirmed the Chron’s story. Sources also confirmed to the Express that both the Chron and Trib stories were accurate.

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