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Report: More than 100 newsracks ‘stolen’; Mercury News digs in

Saturday, August 4, 2012

stolen news racks 0804KTVU 2 now cites San Jose police as saying that more than 100 newspaper racks “have been stolen” in the caper involving the Mercury News. Initial reports indicated that about 30 racks were involved. And at least one news outlet, the Palo Alto Daily Post, says it will file a theft report. “It’s theft, it’s as simple as that,” says Daily Post editor and co-publisher Dave Price, who also blogs for the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club.

KTVU 2’s Matt Keller lands a phone interview with David Rounds, the Merc’s VP for circulation, who dismissed as “absurd” the notion that the newsracks from several smaller newspapers that turned up in a dumpster behind the Merc’s offices were stolen. But his explanation for how the racks got there—he mentions “an employee being enthusiastic”—begs more questions:

“Sure I find it troubling that they were found in the dumpster, but first they [the racks’ owners] weren’t contacted because that practice has fallen away.”

You can view Matt Keller’s follow up report, which aired last night, here.

Image: KTVU 2

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