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Corrupt ex-cop, ‘Mommy PI’ detective Chris Butler gets 8-year jail sentence

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Note to any dirty cops: If you get caught, be the first to squeal. Ex-cop and wannabe reality TV star private detective Christopher Butler was sentenced to just 8 years in federal prison yesterday for his role in a Contra Costa drug and sex law enforcement scandal. That was four years less than the minimum federal guidelines. Plus prosecutors reserved the right to reduce the sentence if he continues to cooperate in testifying against alleged former partners in crime.

The 51-year-old Butler’s bogus “Mommy PI” detective agency, run out of a Concord warehouse, was the fount of all sorts of criminal behavior. He pleaded guilty in May to seven felonies covering meth and marijuana distribution, theft, conspiracy, extortion, robbery and illegal wiretapping. For awhile, he even ran a brothel in Pleasant Hill. Contra Costa Times

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