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Mills College newspaper editorial takes on ‘Oakland shame’

Friday, September 7, 2012

An editorial in The Campanil comes to the defense of Oakland and takes a swipe at students—and the elite women’s college administration—for what it calls “Oakland shame” in “discussing our choice of residence and education with outsiders.” An excerpt:

Maybe it truly is because Oakland is statistically less safe than most Bay Area cities.

Maybe it is because its increasingly present poverty has made parts of it devoid of joy, of culture, of humanity.

Maybe it is the pothole so big a turtle could live in it outside of 7/11 on MacArthur Blvd., or the half washed away graffiti on the Fruitvale freeway exit sign, or the bars on the windows of every home and business lining the Laurel, High St., International Blvd., you name it.

That’s the wind-up. Oakland champions will obviously want to read the rest.

Image: Mills College promotional material

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