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NBC Bay Area takes the slow lane on Fiona Ma story*

Monday, September 24, 2012

Assemblywoman Fiona Ma authored a bill that would remove the HOV lane going north on 80 between the Bay Bridge and Carquinez Bridge. The bill sailed through the state legislature. Critics say Ma passed it so it would help her and other lawmakers on their commutes only. Stephanie Chuang reports.NBC Bay Area’s website is still recycling its story (which apparently was prepped before being overtaken by, uh, the news) about Assemblywoman Fiona Ma’s personal attempts to ease her morning commute to Sacramento via legislation. (The still is from reporter Stephanie Chuang's NBCBA piece.)

The website piece, “updated” at 11:15 this morning, ends with this graph (brackets mine): “[Gov. Jerry ] Brown has until the end of the month to approve or reject Ma’s bill.”

Brown vetoed the bill Sunday.

[1:36 p.m.: NBC Bay Area finally updates to observe the veto.]
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