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Tom Sinkovitz on KRON 4’s halcyon days

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New viewers might find it hard to believe that KRON 4 was once a poster child of what local television news was supposed to be, long before its staff was decimated and paid advertorials invaded its newscasts. Ex-KRONster Tom Sinkovitz (who’s been off the Bay Area airwaves since disappearing from NBC Bay Area a year ago) tells blogger Rich Lieberman:

They were great days. I could make the argument that KRON in the 90’s was the best local affiliate in the country. The editorial meetings were a daily education about the Bay Area. We were producing terrific local programming. Even the Chronicle’s web site was in our building. It was an electric atmosphere. The anchor teams were rock solid with years of field reporting under their belts. And when we matched our six or eight best reporters with the six or eight most important local stories of the day, I’d say out loud, “let’s see any station in the country beat that.”

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