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Ex-political aide Nathan Britton on his new career as a chef

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Plenty of Bay Area journos will recall Nathan Britton, the former press spokesman for Sen. Barbara Boxer and Congresswoman Barbara Lee of Oakland. He walked away from the political game, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and is partners in a pop-up restaurant in Oakland’s Rockridge district, where the Mercury News’ Josh Richman caught up with him. An excerpt from his view on what politics has become:

"It's about doing something bad -- in this case dividing people up into warring camps and whipping them up into an ideological frenzy of outrage and anger -- to achieve an end that is allegedly good: winning an election, passing a bill and so on," he says.

That may be unavoidable in our current political and media landscape, Britton says, "but at a certain point it was not unavoidable for me personally. Stepping outside of the political world, I don't think it's hard to say that the ends don't justify the means. It's increasingly my belief that the acknowledged bad is doing far more damage than the alleged good."

Image: Karl Mondon/ Mercury News

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