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Is Dodgers blogger intimidated by Giants’ success? Probably so

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From the looks of it, after winning two World Series in three seasons the Giants appear to be cracking the confidence of diehard rival Dodgers fans. The hed on Bob Timmerman’s post at LA Observed: “Is it time to welcome our new San Francisco Giants overlords? Probably not.”

Hear that? “Probably not.”

His argument for Dodgers superiority is as tentative as the hed. An excerpt:

Still, will the Giants be the better team for the foreseeable future? No one knows. The Giants will be bringing back nearly all of their key players. Scutaro will be a free agent, who will presumably be trying to cash in on his postseason success for one last big pay check at age 37. The Giants managed to avoid major injuries during the season, although they did lose outfielder Melky Cabrera to a suspension for steroid use. However, the Giants played better without Cabrera in the lineup.

Will the cycle of good fortune ever swing back in the Dodgers favor? It probably will. That's just the nature of sports.

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