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Leland Yee: CSU ‘report card’ on lawmakers a sham*

Friday, October 19, 2012

A “report card” ostensibly grading state lawmakers on how well they’ve supported the Cal State system, sent out by retiring chancellor Charles B. Reed’s office, is causing a stir among state politicians. It gives 20 lawmakers—all of them Republicans—an “F.”

But maybe no one is more ruffled by it than state Sen. Leland Yee, the San Francisco Democrat who’s made a career of calling out CSU and UC administrators for their excesses. Not surprisingly, he was given a “D” by the CSU brass after sponsoring a measure that would have limited pay raises for university administrators within two years of student fee increases.

Yee’s report card on the report card, via PolitiCal:
“Rather than fighting for students and faculty, the CSU administration used taxpayer funds to fight for themselves and their fellow top executives. The chancellor’s report card is a sham.”
[The senator has now issued his own report card for CSU administrators, which is up on his website. He gives them all F's, except for one A+--for "advocating for top executives."]
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