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Lew Wolff’s ‘tarp’ argument moves from ridiculous to preposterous

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Looks like A’s Oakland-hating co-owner Lew Wolff, apparently worried that too many fans might show up for the team’s home playoff games and hurt whatever chance remains to move the A’s to San Jose, is transitioning from ridiculous to preposterous. After a fan group demanded that the A’s remove the tarps in the Coliseum’s upper deck to let 10,000 more people who say they’re unable to get tickets watch tonight’s Game 4 against Detroit, Ludicrous Lew says no-can-do . . . citing lack of fan support.

His rationale? He says Game 4 didn’t sell out until Monday (when, if you recall, it appeared there might not even be a Game 4 after the A’s 0-2 start in the best-of-five series). Capacity with the tarps is 35,000. And of course the place was packed last night, as it will be tonight. Chronicle
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