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Mirkarimi: ‘Sheriff without a gun’ faces tough road ahead

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don’t quite fold up the circus tent yet. Not even two days after Mayor Ed Lee’s months-long ouster campaign against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi collapsed at the Board of Supervisors, the sheriff’s “new day,” as he calls it, isn’t exactly rosy. As he prepares to re-take control of the department Monday, Mirkarimi is already the punchline of jokes about the probationer sheriff who can’t carry a gun. But that’s the least of it. Consider:

Even before the clock struck midnight after the supervisors’ vote Tuesday, the Chronicle churned out a scornful editorial against the four supervisors who didn’t go along with Lee to oust Mirkarimi. Now, one of the four—Jane Kim—apparently has found a way to play it both ways. She says she would support a recall attempt against the sheriff.
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