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Politics: Ordered to ‘run’—by the man who robbed him

Thursday, October 25, 2012

http://CityCouncilcandidateDanKalbgoesdoortodoorin...Oakland North’s Aaron Mendelson adds detail about City Council candidate and environmental activist Dan Kalb’s being robbed at gunpoint (that’s him, pictured) near his house after a neighborhood anti-crime meeting last week. An excerpt:

The gunman asked for Kalb’s phone. “Everything was on the ground, so I didn’t know where the phone was,” Kalb recalls.   He searched his back seat, thinking the whole time, he says, “Is this guy going to shoot me?”

The gunman kept his gun pointed at Kalb. “Find the phone, find the phone,” he kept saying.

Finally, still holding the gun, the man started searching on the street for the phone himself. After 20 seconds the phone was still missing.  “Get out of here,” Kalb says the man told him. “Run.”

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