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Andrew Bogut, out indefinitely, is done with predicting his return

Friday, November 30, 2012

The injured big man acquired in last year’s Monte Ellis trade apologizes for the way information about his lingering (and more serious than the front office was putting out) ankle injury has been handled and says he has no way to know when he’ll be able to suit up as a Warrior. How bad is it? He’s stopped even trying to walk his dogs to take extra pressure off the ankle and says of the pain, “it’s killing me.” From AP:

"I get home at 4 o'clock and I'm icing three or four times before I go to bed," he said. "I'll keep working at it every day. Once it's right, it's right. It's not a little injury I'm bouncing back from. Another thing is guys who have bounced back from this injury aren't 265-270 pounds and 7-feet tall. That doesn't work in my favor right now. That's a lot of load to put on an ankle."

As for Warriors management, they’d be wiping lots of egg from their faces if the team wasn’t soaring to unexpected heights so far without Bogut. The W’s are 9-6 after last night’s 106-105 thriller over Denver at Oracle.

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