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Piedmont High’s student paper tackles school’s ‘Fantasy Slut League’

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The school in the affluent Oakland hills community has taken its lumps in the two weeks since it was revealed that certain male athletes were tracking sexual exploits with girls and assigning points in a so-called “Fantasy Slut League.” Not least of all for the decision by school officials not to seek to discipline anyone involved. Now the editorial board of the school’s student newspaper, the Piedmont Highlander, has weighed in with a list of what it sees as “misconceptions” about the scandal.

School officials, meanwhile, are hewing the same hands-off line, repeating the refrain that no criminal activity was reported in connection with the “slut league.” I guess that means no one got raped. An excerpt from an Oakland Tribune follow-up (brackets mine):

[Principal Rich Kitchens] said Wednesday that the school now has plans to establish coaching alliance training and develop seasonal assemblies addressing all those involved in sports.

"So many kids play sports we want to integrate character education in the process, (stressing) sportsmanship and personal integrity," Kitchens said.

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