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Why the Warriors can’t get their story straight on Andrew Bogut

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finally, someone who writes sports calls out the Warriors’ baloney about the Andrew Bogut injury situation. Chronicle beat writer Rusty Simmons points out that the front office has been fibbing forever about the seriousness of Bogut’s ankle surgery, which explains the consistency with which fans have been misled about the injured big man’s prospective availability. The clincher: Bogut himself is ticked off about it. Kudos to Simmons.

Here’s the portion of the piece that includes the Warriors’ timeline of “over-optimism” while fronting Bogut for ticket sales purposes (after the jump):

The Warriors have followed a pattern of being overly optimistic with their recovery projections for Bogut:

-- They said he might return at the end of last season or play in the Olympics. He didn't.

-- They said he'd be ready for training camp. He wasn't.

-- They said he could play 20 minutes per game at the start of the season. He couldn't.

-- They said he'd return after seven to 10 more days of rehab. He hasn't.

-- And the latest: They said he'd practice this week with an eye toward playing this weekend. He won't.

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