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Willie Brown ethics update: He discloses he’s not on Warriors’ payroll

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who would have thought it? The Chronicle columnist and political wheeler-dealer who doesn’t disclose who his clients are as a professional influence peddler says in his column today that he’s not on the payroll of Warriors’ co-owner Peter Guber. Which, if taken at face value, means all that arena-pushing he and his friends are doing on the Warriors’ behalf is for free, I guess.

Actually, it’s hard to criticize the Chron’s star columnist for political hackery, when the newspaper’s editor in chief, Ward Bushee, apparently sees nothing wrong with it. It would be sort of like blaming a kid for throwing spit wads in a restaurant while the parent watches.

Here’s the link to Brown’s for-the-record-I’m-not-working-for-Peter Guber item, as if it even matters considering how hopelessly compromised Brown (as a Chronicle columnist) already is.
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