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Ex-Ron Dellums crony loses another round to collect over being fired

Friday, December 14, 2012

Looks like former city administrator Deborah Edgerly’s attempts to rake in a financial windfall for being fired during Ron Dellums’ term as Oakland’s mayor are dwindling. A state appeals court has ruled she can’t pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit based on the state’s whistleblower law. That’s after she tried and failed to collect based on an age discrimination claim. The downside for Oakland taxpayers: it’s cost them $1 million so far to try and ensure that Edgerly goes away empty-handed.

The ex-Dellums crony was fired in 2008 amid allegations that she tipped her gang member nephew to an impending police raid. The whistleblower angle came because she says she wouldn’t go along when Dellums asked that taxpayer money be used to pay his wife’s cellphone and utility bills, and to pay overtime for his personal driver. Mercury News writes about it.

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