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Politician buys a (very modest) house—in district she covets for Congress

Friday, December 7, 2012

He won’t even be sworn in until Jan. 3, but congressman-elect Eric Swalwell of Dublin, who upended 20-term fellow Democrat Pete Stark in the 15th congressional district, looks to have his first Democratic challenger in 2014. State Sen. Ellen Corbett, who aspires to Congress, looks like she’ll run against him. Corbett lives outside the district (not necessarily a deal-breaker) in San Leandro. But she’s just bought another house, in Hayward (which is in the 15th) for $281,500, says Steven Tavares at East Bay Citizen.

Modest, yes. Can you say placeholder property?

Corbett was dinged in a Mercury News investigative piece just this week.

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