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Report: Nadia Lockyer’s ex-lover on the streets, ‘in a very dark place’

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dan Noyes at ABC 7 was at Wednesday’s court hearing in Pleasanton at which the former Alameda County supervisor’s restraining order against ex-lover Steven Chikhani expired (he was the only reporter there, he says). She’s in drug re-hab and facing criminal charges in Southern California and so wasn’t there. Neither was Chikhani. Noyes has been in contact with the man with whom Lockyer made a sex tape before her marriage and political career unraveled, and says Chikhani would have showed up, but for a couple of reasons.

He has a warrant out and was afraid he’d be arrested. He’s also extremely despondent, Noyes says. An excerpt:

I texted Chikhani before the hearing Thursday, asking if he would attend.

He answered, "Not feeling like goin to jail n they would take me if I showed." "I can't get past this. The connection her n I had was so strong." "Last nite I slept on the streets again. I lost everything because of her and the life she forced me into. This hole I'm in is so deep I can't get out of. In the past I found the strength inside me to pull myself together and get my life back... Quickly. I can't find that strength in me. Its just not there. What is there instead is a welcoming that my end will be soon. I can't live like this."

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