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Veteran curator goes ‘missing’ at Fine Arts Museums; was she canned?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Lynn Federle OrrJust how insular are the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (that’s the de Young and Legion of Honor)? Well, widely-respected curator of European Art Lynn Orr, who’s been at her post for 29 years, hasn’t been at work since Nov. 20, and you’d almost think she’d been kidnapped, instead of—apparently—inexplicably sacked. The Chronicle quotes a longtime colleague as being worried about her. Museum spokesman Ken Garcia says he can’t comment on a “personnel” matter. And Orr herself, reached at home, says she can’t comment. And then there’s this:

Fine Arts Museums Trustee Belva Davis heard there'd been "a shakeup" of some sort at the museum, but no names were mentioned. She said she expected to find out what was going on at a private executive board meeting Dec. 5.

Hmm. That was two days ago. Maybe she’s still on it.

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